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Owner and operator of Zoe Lash Pro, Deidre started her lash career in 2011. Deidre has always been very creative and artistic in her personal and business life. Her interest in being an eyelash artist came natural to her as being highly artistic and a perfectionist translated well into the detailed and artistic world of an eyelash artist. With over 9 years of dedication as an eyelash artist and a Certified Bordeaux. Trainer of the Mega Volume and patented Eyelid Lifting technique, she teaches lash courses for the beginner to the advanced (Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Eyelid Lifting). Owner of ZoeLash Pro studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, Deidre personally trains every eyelash artist who works at her studio, each undergoing intensive training prior to taking on clientele at Zoe Lash Pro to ensure quality and artistry are being applied to the Zoe Lash standard.


Tarynn has been with Zoe Lash Pro since 2017 and has been a qualified esthetician since 2011. Tarynn has a communications degree however, her love of the beauty industry won over and pursued her passion in the way of eyelash extensions. Tarynn initially took a basic lash course in 2017 and quickly found here true passion, EYELASH EXTENIONS! Tarynn always admired eyelash extensions and how it made women feel confidently beautiful. Although lashing is tedious work, she fell in love with the art and how the lash industry has bloomed over the years. Tarynn is an avid artist always seeking to improve upon her artistry. She exemplifies a true passion of the art by continuing her lash education in achieving her certification in Russian Volume and Eyelid Lifting technique and has a penchant of doing some incredible color lash applications! Tarynn is Lash Makers Mega Volume certified and also one of the very few artists in Hawaii to be certified in the Eyelid Lifting/Bordeaux patented technique. Born and raised in Hawaii, she is married and also a mom of two fur babies! From the ages 3-15, Tarynn practiced and performed Japanese Traditional dance. And to top it all, she competed in a Body Building Contest – ONE AND DONE (in her words).

The Wax Room: Leah Nacion

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NITAesthetics is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and confidence…using the latest advanced FDA-approved cosmetic injectable treatments and medical-grade skincare products. With over 20 years of nursing experience, NITA is committed to ensuring her clients receive the best possible care in their journey to look and feel their best. She earned her Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Southern California and is a board-certified nurse practitioner. After 10 years of cardiac surgery experience, she decided to focus on dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Since 2011, NITA has specialized in cosmetic injectables such as botox and dermal fillers, micro-needling, ultherapy, and other treatments including skin tag/brown spot removal and acne management. Besides beautifying her clients, her other passions are being mommy to 2 awesome boys, reading, practicing yoga, and drinking coffee =P! “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


Born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, Kylie graduated from Kailua High School in 2009 and also attended University of Hawaii at Manoa where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Travel Industry Management in 2014. Kylie has since been working as a bartender and figuring out what her next step in her career path should be until she recently started training as a lash artist at ZoeLashPro in 2018. “I always knew I had a passion for the beauty industry but never knew what it was that sparked my interest until I started getting lash extensions myself. The art of lash extensions and the confidence it gave me is what peaked my interest to want to learn more about it and become a lash artist myself.” Kylie has been practicing lash artistry on her own for a year now but is now excited to continue to learn more about this art and perfect her technical skills while working under the supervision of the many talented lash artists at ZoeLash Pro. She is excited to be working under Deidre as an apprentice and junior lash artist.



A recent licensed esthetician and graduate of The Skin Institute Internationale, Hanah came to ZoeLash Pro in 2019. As a student, she fell in love with the world of esthetics and became certified for lash extensions and micro-needling. With her experience in spa and customer service, Hanah is devoted to prioritizing her lash client’s needs, and at the same time producing beautiful lash sets with an attention to detail. Trained in Classic, Stacking, Volume and Lash Lifts at ZoeLash Pro, Hanah is able to offer her clientele a range of lash services while making them feel beautiful and confident in themselves. Hanah’s other esthetic interests include facials, skin treatments, waxing, and lash/brow enhancements.


Soon after graduating from The Skin Institute Internationale in 2019, Misty received her aesthetician license and joined our ZoeLash Pro team. Already drawn to the art of lash extensions at aesthetic school, Misty has continually committed to perfecting her craft through continuous training of Classic, Stacking, Volume and Lash Lift techniques. Her attention to detail and her ability to learn multiple lash techniques quickly and efficiently makes her one to watch as she grows in this competitive beauty industry. “I truly love getting to know every one of my clients and helping them feel their best one lash at a time”. When Misty is not working at our lash studio, she is spending quality time with her daughter and son.