Classic: Group Class

Course Date:

Classic is a two-day foundation course for students who have no previous training or for those who need a refresher course on the basics and essential techniques of classic eyelash lash application. An important class for all entry level lash technicians, this class will cover the fundamentals one needs in order to successfully progress to more advanced lash techniques such as Volume lashes.

Price: $1250 ($250 deposit at checkout)

This Course Includes:
  1. Class notebook/worksheets

  2. Student kit

  3. Client consent forms

  4. Live model practice (Day 2)

  5. Certificate upon successful completion of course

  6. Continued mentorship and support

  7. Lunch/snacks


  1. History

  2. Anatomy of eyelashes

  3. Lash growth/Lash cycles

  4. Eyelash Extensions A to Z

  5. Products/Supplies

  6. Adhesives

  7. Sanitation/Infections

  8. Clientele consent forms/Records

  9. Lash Application/Technique

  10. Lash Effects

  11. Lash retention

  12. Stickies

  13. Lash removal

  14. Clientele retention

  15. Photography

  16. Social Media

  17. Pricing/Charging what you’re worth